Cam Cam Copenhagen | Creating Some Hygge for You and Your Littles

This time of year always brings memories of Christmas’ past. And I’m not talking about the bah humbug memories. Nope. As I have said before, my childhood was steeped in all things Danish, but it was during the holidays that it was not a “steep”, but a “saturation” that included opening presents on Christmas Eve, nissemen that danced on every shelf, and peered around every corner.

And the food! The glorious food. Pickled herring, fedt (animal fat) spread on dark bread, my beloved frikadeller and of course the traditional christmas dinner that included roast pork with crackling fat. All of it was a heart attack waiting to happen. But oh how it didn’t matter, it was oh so yummy! Yes, all that around the holidays, but even throughout the year, my Scandinavian background has surrounded me with a sense of “hygge”. My parents created a world of simplistic coziness that I try to replicate wherever I lay down roots. So when I discovered Cam Cam Copenhagen, I was yet again swept up into a world of coziness, a world of Hygge.

Founded in 2012, Cam Cam Copenhagen was created by Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen.

“Our overall design focus is sustainability, this means sustainable, organic production, and enduring design and material quality, which will be appreciated for generations to come. Our design philosophy and approach is to create timeless, poetic design, combining tradition with contemporary design”.

~ Sara and Robert- creators of Cam Cam Copenhagen

But for me the best part is their belief that in our world that is filled with so many distractions, children and babies need products that create calm and harmony. At Cam Cam Copenhagen, they support those peaceful, restful and contemplative moments in this time of chaos that surrounds us. It doesn’t get more hygge than that.










This is just “en smag” (a taste) of what Cam Cam Copenhagen have to offer, but you knows me to come through. Click on this darling catalog and experience some much-needed hygge for your littles. And for you. 







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