6 Unique Baby Gift Ideas that Hit the Ethical High Note

Because you demanded it. Because you need it. Yes, here it is. A roundup of baby adorableness and mama necessities. A roundup of uniqueness, just for you. I see you. It’s a race to find and give a baby gift that means something. That speaks to the start of a new unique life. A life that is unfolding and you want to give in a special way. And most of all, in a unique way. No vanilla here. The possibilities are endless! Bubbling with excitement! Positively scrumptious stuff going on here.

Bonjour Baby Baskets

Bonjour Baby Baskets is an online boutique that offers fabulous brand-name baby clothing and natural products that have been carefully curated for their luxury baby baskets. Easy peesy gift EVER! They are passionate about designer clothing, eco-friendly and locally made products. Oh how we love!!!! Big heart emoji love!!! For not only the luscious and unique baskets, but also for their giving back business philosophy, where they donate a portion from the proceeds of each gift basket sold to a charity…read more

Plum + Sparrow

I love a beautiful “About Us” story and when I read the self professed “simple” story that launched Plum + Sparrow, I just Diiiiiiieeeeed! Melt my heart. Caramel wrappers strewn hither-dither. Do grab a cup o’ whatever, sit back and savour this sweet story. Me lives for this!

This tale starts with the birth of not a firstborn, but of the birth of a dear-hearted girl, who joined a family that already had 3 dear-hearted boys. In celebration, this little cherub’s mom was given a Moses basket that would change her idea of motherhood completely...read more

Timber Child

Like many designers on our pages, it was the birth of their daughter that sent this husband and wife team on a search for more naturally based baby products. But Kisha and James quickly realized that most products for babies and kids contain dyes, chemicals, petroleum based products, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and parabens. They also found that it was close to impossible to find 100% natural, non toxic plates that did not contain plastic, melamine and weren’t finished without the use of petroleum based products.

Hold on. This is the part I love the most, because this tenacious couple with an adorable newborn didn’t just shrug and follow the cattle – moo – to their nearest chemically scented – insert name of fast everything big box – department store. No, this dynamic duo wanted to create for their family a toxic free environment by respecting nature and their surroundings, so Timber Child was born…read more


Surprise the new bundle of joy in your life with a beautiful hand-knit doll and help children in need at the same time. Every adorable cuddle+kind doll provides 10 meals to hungry children, is heirloom quality, and is made with 100% natural cotton yarn. Every doll is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in Peru, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income. They are lovingly hand knit, hand loomed, embroidered and crocheted by artisans using knitting expertise that has been handed down through generations.

A tremendous amount of love goes into each handcrafted cuddle+kind doll. Every step in the process is carefully considered—from the unique, detailed designs to perfecting the on-trend colour selection and choosing the finest, natural cotton yarns. Every beautifully crafted cuddle+kind doll is knit with such a high level of quality and care, they’re suitable to be heirlooms handed down from one lucky baby to the next…read more


EllieFunDay is a social enterprise that designs organic baby blankets that empower marginalized women through dignified employment and a fair-wage. Each blanket is lovingly handcrafted for life.

Oodles of love for this newly discovered family owned company. Sarah and Elton Lin have created a business, whose sole PURPOSE is to make change in the world. The caramel wrappers are flying as I savour, yes the coveted caramel, but even more so savouring EllieFunDay. The name alone evokes all things joy.  And just to get you even more misty eyed, grab your own caramel and enjoy this beautiful ode to doing business the giving back way…read more

Human + Mother

Designed by a mom of two boys, Justine wanted to create trendy, lightweight and locally made baby wraps with two things in mind; to encourage stylish and comfortable baby wearing in North America and to support a cause that she feels tremendous passion for.

Justine started Human + Mother with the desire to raise awareness of the heart-wrenching maternal and infant mortality rate in some of the poorest countries on the planet. Three dollars of every wrap sold helps reduce this maternal and infant mortality rate around the world. With your help, they support two incredible organizations who create safer births for Mamas and babes…read more



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