A Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Canadian Style

It’s getting down to the wire, my lovelies. Looming large. This whole holiday gift giving time. The mad dash to the mall, or scouring the internet for that unique gift. But wait! Take a breath. We have got you covered! YOU! My dear Canadian friends are going to LOVE this little guide for some Canadian created treasures for your kids that will come in time for the tearing open of presents. But, this is no time for dawdling….GO!

Bonjour Baby Baskets

An online boutique that offers fabulous brand-name baby clothing and natural products that have been carefully curated for their Luxury Baby Baskets. Easy peesy gift EVER! They are passionate about designer clothing, eco-friendly and locally made products. Oh how we love!!!! Big heart emoji love!!! this beautiful company for not only the luscious and unique baskets, but also for their giving back business philosophy, where they donate a portion from the proceeds of each gift basket sold to a charity. Every year they choose a worthy cause where they believe their humble donation can make a difference. For 2017, they have chosen to continue supporting The New Mom Project because of the wonderful work they do providing marginalized families with some basic baby necessities to get them off to a great and loving start.


Surprise your little with a beautiful hand-knit doll and help children in need at the same time. Every adorable cuddle+kind doll provides 10 meals to hungry children, is heirloom quality, and is made with 100% natural cotton yarn. Every doll is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in Peru, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income. They are lovingly hand knit, hand loomed, embroidered and crocheted by artisans using knitting expertise that has been handed down through generations.

A tremendous amount of love goes into each handcrafted cuddle+kind doll. Every step in the process is carefully considered—from the unique, detailed designs to perfecting the on-trend colour selection and choosing the finest, natural cotton yarns. Every beautifully crafted cuddle+kind doll is knit with such a high level of quality and care, they’re suitable to be heirlooms handed down from one lucky baby to the next.

Timber Child

Like many designers on our pages, it was the birth of their daughter that sent this husband and wife team on a search for more naturally based baby products. But Kisha and James quickly realized that most products for babies and kids contain dyes, chemicals, petroleum based products, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and parabens. They also found that it was close to impossible to find 100% natural, non toxic plates that did not contain plastic, melamine and weren’t finished without the use of petroleum based products.

Hold on. This is the part I love the most, because this tenacious couple with an adorable newborn didn’t just shrug and follow the cattle – moo – to their nearest chemically scented – insert name of fast everything big box – department store. No, this dynamic duo wanted to create for their family a toxic free environment by respecting nature and their surroundings.

So, instead of purchasing plates made of death materials, they decided to make a few “plate like” trays for their little one and like a certain 70’s shampoo commercial – friends found out about these “plate like” trays and they told two friends, and those friends told two friends and so on and so on…

Macey & Co

Pst!….I have a special love for this beautiful mamamaker and of course the precious handcrafted bows she creates for dress and play. So many creations to pick from: Timeless lace bows with rich colours of genuine leather and suede. Signature twist tied bows. Schoolgirl bows, which hello! Also make perfect piggy tail clips. Get one. Get them all! Perfect for a present under the tree or in a stocking for your sweet beauty. The Holiday ’17 collection is selling quick, so snag all these holiday goodies while you can. So excited for you.


Founded by twin sisters Alex and Lindsay Lorusso, Nudnik honours the millennial parents who are nurturing our next generation of curious compassionate leaders. Their unisex line of children’s clothing and accessories celebrates the boundless potential of your little ones, who are the heart and compass of everything they do and everything they create. Nudnik is redefining the concept of “new.” This means they’re eager to challenge the harmful effects of fast fashion, and to examine sustainability from every angle, and beyond.

All of their products are made fairly and ethically in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where they select fabrics by hand that were originally headed for the landfill, and turn them into bright modern garments.


Pyjamas. It’s a Christmas staple. There is ALWAYS a set of pjs under the tree. And Hatley pyjamas are hands down the best! But they offer ever so much more! So bring on the pyjamas, but…Hatley’s mission is to create fun, well designed, nature-inspired apparel and gifts for the whole family in an ecologically responsible way. What started with art, which then turned into farm animal inspired aprons, that led to providing the world with gifts and clothing. A true Canadiana story. They have developed an extensive children’s line, created comfy and on trend women’s and men’s fashion and expanded into the gift market with napkins, kitchen textiles, mugs and much, much more. They created a treasured Canadian company and we are so glad!


We have featured a few much loved designers that create sweet merino wool delights, and I am so glad to add luvmother to the list. This amazing kids brand was created in 2014 with but an idea by outdoor enthusiasts, Kevin Peacock and Giselle Murphy. It was an idea spurned by their twin girls growing out of their Norwegian family merino wool hand-me-downs.

Finding it hard to source new ones, they decided to make their own. What makes this company stand apart is that while many companies create just sleepwear and long johns, luvmother offer stylish crossover pieces such as leggings (that yes, work as long underwear), wool sweaters, hoodies and shirts. It’s about dressing your kids in a minimalistic way that is perfect for every situation.

Fable Kids Handmade

Fable Kids Handmade. Where the creator, Amy Shelling combines her love of writing for children and her love for making beautiful things, namely tooth fairy houses and story dolls. This published author spent her childhood in the woods creating imaginary worlds, drawing pictures for friends, taking sewing lessons and reading books. Amy’s dear wish is for her creations to find your little in your corner of the world and bring some magic into their lives.

What makes all these Story Dolls so special is that they come with a signed collector’s card featuring their name, birthdate (can be customized) and life story. And the most irresistible of all?! You can have initials or the year embroidered on the backside to complete these heirloom pieces. Custom heirloom pieces. Bring a lightness to your world and a bit of whimsy to your littles holiday fun.

Nooks Design

Nooks Design was born from a desire to combine a love for making beautiful products by hand and using upcycled and vintage materials. They pride themselves on making their footwear from natural materials to provide your child breathable, slip-resistant and stylish options for all their adventures both indoors and out.

We love the signature felted wool booties that started it all!  Made from 100% New Zealand lambswool for comfort and breathability, and matched to a leather sole that’s both slip-resistant and rugged enough to be worn outdoors.  A gentle elastic holds them in place and a soft inner sole provides the versatility to wear them barefoot.

Now this is just a snapshot of all our beautiful Canadian designers, so get on over to our Canadian Designer Page for more holiday treats. Happy Fa-La-La-La-La!






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