One day back in 2015, two moms…two friends…two entrepreneurs sat down with their coffee (or it could have been wine) and a conversation started that would send them on a great quest that would then lead them to launch SKIP in 2016. Not just wanting to start a business, they wanted to make a difference in the world.

The mission was to make it easy to create positive change through ethical consumerism, local/global connections and the fostering of dreams.

As the journey began, they thought of opening a bricks and mortar store in Kelowna, British Columbia. They wanted to source unique clothing and products that were nothing like the fast fashion that slapped them in the face every time they had to buy anything for their (fast) growing girls.

As they continued, it became clear that their dream was bigger, they wanted to reach further and certainly their idea was way bigger than what a small store in a small (yet beautiful) town could hold. Living in a world that offers the ability to send your message to the far reaches was something they couldn’t pass up, as they knew that SKIP would be the springboard for not just their dreams to come true, but for everyone’s dreams and passions to be realized.


It feels good to SKIP because we make it easy!

We make it easy to be ethical and sustainable. 

We promote children’s products from designers whose clothes and products are made under independently certified conditions and in a way that cares for the environment. They craft products from natural and eco-friendly materials, use sustainable production methods, focus on reducing their carbon footprint, and provide regulated working and safety conditions. In the second phase of our growth, this company will offer a buy back program that makes buying ethical not only truly easy, it will be truly sustainable and affordable.

We make it easy to buy local.

Buying locally supports re-investment in the community and the economy. Making things locally means using far less transportation, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

We make it easy to love the world.

Products are considered from other countries that meet our expectation for ecologically conscious manufacturing practices otherwise called "fair trade certified products". The choice of designers change, as the company endeavours to give our young customers fresh new ideas to express their own unique styles.

We make it easy to support entrepreneurs and dreamers.

We invite designers and makers to share their stories and journeys. We want to share the blood, sweat and tears, but most of all, share how passion and hard work will get you there. We will scour the world to find great products that are made by passionate innovators, who have rich stories to share about their journey and have strong values.

We make it easy to love the handcrafted.

Products with a human touch – we’re not talking just homemade. All the products have an element of individual craft, manual skill, or handiwork.

We make it easy to promote social enterprisers.

We promote social enterprises that are directly involved in the production of selling of goods and services that are not just for profit, but also for achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims.

We make it easy to simplify.

We make it easy for consumers to buy differently. We make it easy for people to create change. We make it easy for people to fulfill their dreams.

We make it easy to dress your tween and create career opportunities.

Along with our allegiance to our authentic contributors, we too are creators and change makers. We are designing for the ever growing and exciting tween girl market. Edgy, sassy, and unique designs manufactured locally by sewing collectives that offer jobs to low income and at risk women.

It’s so easy to give added value. 

Gift wrap. Gift bundles. Local pick up. Local delivery. And a fresh, fun blog filled with recipes for the fashion challenged, what’s trending in ethical children’s fashion, and news about our ever-changing and ever-increasing ethical world.

Now, that “just feels good”!