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Playful…yep! Stylish…you bet! And last but not least...twirly! The ultimate collection of girls dresses that you and your daughter will love. Whether or not you have a twirling ballerina or a wandering adventurer on your hands, this dress has the comfort, quality and the durability to be a favourite day after day.

Alice + Ames was established in 2015 by Stacie Lang, who dreamed of having a business of her own and be her own boss. When she started having her own babies, she realized that the real dream was to work at home and be able to see her daughters grow and flourish.

With that in mind, the dream quickly became clear. This talented mompreneur wanted to design clothing that both she and her little girls could love. That dream became a reality as she considered comfort, focused on playful and classic details, and embraced a beautiful color palette.

It was crucial for Stacie to keep production in the U.S. not just for ethical reasons, but also from a logistical standpoint. In order for her to ensure that this fashion line was ethically made, it meant having them close. Having them close assured quick turn-around times, and since Stacie knew that most of her conscious customers value U.S. made products and believe in quality over quantity, she wanted to give them this piece of mind.

It’s an exciting time as Alice + Ames announce the launch of their Fall collection.  They are offering their original ballet dresses in 5 new solids and 6 new prints. Check it out. Totes eye-candy. So hard to choose.

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