Ariana Bohling

Who they are:

Handcrafters. Ethical and Sustainable. Entrepreneurs. Dreamers. Dream Makers. Social Enterprisers.

What they do:

Ariana Bohling is a Brooklyn based handmade shoe brand. She began making shoes in her studio in Brooklyn beginning with delicately braided Italian leather sandals. And now…

…Cozy Baby Slippers!

Their adorable slippers are made from 70% Alpaca and 30% wool yarn. They have a faux shearling sock liner and the suede sole is hand crocheted on the bottom of the slipper. All these materials are sourced locally in Peru.

Why we love them:

At Ariana Bohling, they are committed to paying their suppliers and artisans fair and livable wages. They believe in making quality handmade products and in order to make those quality products there are many hands that touch and create each piece.

These hands are attached to individuals who deserve the right to earn money in a safe and productive environment.  Their slippers provide jobs for women in underdeveloped communities in southern Peru, who in other circumstances might not be able to find employment.

This work empowers these women to improve their quality of life by paying them a fair & livable wage for the work they produce as well as providing a job they are proud of.

Now, you all know that is exactly what SKIP is all about.

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