Art & Eden | Celebrating Spring the Better Way

Love everything about the spring/summer 2018 collection from one of our favourite “giving back” designers.  It’s fresh! It’s tropical! And it’s here now! Never you mind that there be still snow on the ground. Never you mind that we are all still wearing parkas, you are going to want to jump on this before the dreaminess is all snatched up.

“we celebrate the artist & honor the earth”

~ art & eden

 Art & eden follow the spirit of the child. They applaud disruptive models that challenge systems oppressing and polluting our planet and our hearts. They believe in the power of innovation. They believe in love.As a registered public benefit enterprise, art & eden makes ethical children’s clothing that is better for the planet. Their promise to you is transparency.

They believe in your right to know exactly what your children’s clothes are made of, how they’re produced, and where your money goes when you buy them. Be still my exploding heart. Raise my hand, I want so much to know all that and I know you do too.

Now it’s time for absolute gorgeousness and rough and tumble fun. See hummingbirds, unicorns, pink lemons (you heard right!) and rainbows. See art & eden dive deep into our precious oceans and the jungle and offer up beautiful aquatic life, blue waves, endangered tigers and inspirational sayings. Once again, they so nailed it.

























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