Art & Eden | Let the Sunshine In With A #Buybetterdobetter Girls Fashion Review

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It doesn’t get better than this. Sunshine. Girls Fashion. And a review of said fashion.  It’s the raising of the bar in a huge way, which is what  art & eden are always doing. It’s not a surprise. So when the darling daughter received her adorable outfit from one our favourite designers, we dashed out to our favourite maple tree, because that’s where we head with every art & eden treat, and had a blast creating this product review that will stop you in your tracks.

As always, I am blown away with the quality, the fabric weight (no thin fast fashion that disintegrates with one washing here, my friends), and the creative details that abound. A little ruching with a tiny bow here and a flirty ruffle there. I sigh with love!

Now let’s get down with more about why I love this “giving back” brand Art & eden follow the spirit of the child. They applaud disruptive models that challenge systems oppressing and polluting our planet and our hearts. They believe in the power of innovation. They believe in love.

As a registered public benefit enterprise, art & eden makes ethical children’s clothing that is better for the planet. Their promise to you is transparency. They believe in your right to know exactly what your children’s clothes are made of, how they’re produced, and where your money goes when you buy them. They show how much they love YOU. It’s simple. When you buy better, a child lives better. With every art & eden purchase YOU help provide sustenance for children in need.






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