Baby Blankets That Give Back

The favorite baby blanket. The favorite stuffy. You never really know what the favorite will be or how they will be chosen. You just know that eventually, said blankie and/or said stuffy will be loved so much by your little that after many years of such love, they will be tattered and torn, mended and worn, but still the love will never fade.

For the tween, it was both. A common pink plush blanket with sateen trim and a stuffed monkey that she named Marshmallow.

After twelve years of mad and undying love the three by three piece of material is now a dull grey pink and one corner has lost the sateen trim after years of rubbing it on her mouth. The adorable Marshmallow…well as you can see is just…love worn. None the less, a beautiful connection.

It was these beautiful connections between his sisters and their favourite treasures, blankies and stuffed animals that inspired a spunky seven year old, named David Holdridge to create Everything Happy, where their mission is simple, their kindness is genuine, and their beginning miraculous.

The beautiful combination of smiles and happiness is the hallmark of Everything Happy. Trademarked by its “one to love, one to give” philosophy, Everything Happy is determined to bring smiles to every child – both locally and worldwide.


When you purchase an Everything Happy product you are making a conscious choice to do good by making not one, but two kids happy. This was David’s intention when he created Happy Blankie. He wanted to create something that would make the world smile. In doing so, the “One to Love, One to Give” mission was born. Together with his family, David distributes Everything Happy products to children all over the world.

From orphanages to hospitals, to poverty-stricken communities, Everything Happy has touched the lives of thousands of children. Join David and his family, along with the Everything Happy team, and witness not just the power of donating a beloved blankie, but the power of donating a smile.









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