Aura Leaf + Macey & Co | A Beautiful Zero Waste Collaboration

I couldn’t resist. A beautiful zero waste collaboration that is gonna knock you into this new year with a bang! A collaboration between old “true in it for the long haul” friends and new friends, who very quickly are becoming those “true in it for the long haul” friends. A match made in heaven, this collaboration is, to be sure. So inspiring! Because the lovely peeps at Macey & Co and Aura Leaf are taking zero waste to the next level. As we have long been saying, the fashion and textile industry is one of the BIGGEST contributors to waste on our planet, so our dear friend, Brady at Macey & Co teamed up with Leah at Aura Leaf and created stunning new bows from their linen remnants they use to make their beautiful ring slings with! Here’s a peek into bow adorableness:

And!!!!! Check out the new bow style joining the Macey&Co fleet. Meet the “Petit Knot”. The perfect newborn bow or bang wrangler!

Irresistible, am I right? Now here are those equally irresistible ring slings!




Visit this SKIP of the Day here: Macey & Co / Aura Leaf



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