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“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward”

~ Soren Kierkegaard ~

I love this quote, especially when I think about my experience of becoming a mom. As in all things in my life, my path to motherhood was EXACTLY how it was supposed to be. That is clear every day I see my daughter’s beautiful face, hear her laugh, and I’m constantly amazed that I have this treasure in my life.

But it wasn’t always clear to me. This path to motherhood. No, adopting my daughter was many years after the most darkest and painful time. Darkness and pain that only other women who experience infertility can identify with. I have had many dreams in my life and certainly having a child was one of them. Being of the tenacious, never give up, dog with a bone kind of person, it wasn’t even on my radar that I wouldn’t beat this thing called infertility. I was going to make that baby dream a reality. Dammit.

But, this was also a time when fertility specialists considered themselves the authority on the making of babies. It was all about the science. There was nothing natural about it. And it was clear that if I didn’t follow their orders, I would never have a baby. In me, they had the right audience. I was so desperate and panicked to have a baby, that it blinded me to there ever being another way. I remember gazing at the photos of newborn babies on the walls of my doctor’s office and I would wonder why I wasn’t one of those success stories. I was clearly doing it all wrong. Not only that, I felt all wrong. The journey ended after endless cycles of drugs, three miscarriages, a near fatal ectopic pregnancy, a shattered marriage, and an even more shattered me. So I put that dream of having a baby in a little boat and sent it out to sea for a while.

I lived my life forward, as I healed from the past which brings me to the here and now, when through my daughter, I meet a  beautiful healer, Melissa Sorge, the creator of Body Fuel Nutrition. Melissa knows the word infertility on a very intimate level. She’s experienced that dark and painful place. But her awe-inspiring journey sees her with not just one, but two sweet babies.

Her journey has also given her the ability and the passion to help other mama wannabes to achieve the most cherished of dreams. To start a family.

As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Melissa created a four-month fertility program called:


“I created the Making Babies Fertility Program:

To help women everywhere make truly significant changes in their life.

To help women make changes to their diet, their emotional well being and their spiritual well being.

To help women come back into true alignment with themselves so that they can be the best versions of themselves, and the moms they dream of being.”

~ Melissa Sorge







Changing the world one future mama at a time!






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