Cavelle Kids | Unique Designer Baby and Kids Clothing That Embraces Imagination and Playfulness

Baby and Kids Clothing

Oh yes it is! It’s all that and more! Cavelle Kids offer baby and kids clothing that is filled with oodles of imagination and playfulness. Each season is designed with love, and is an inspiration of a fairy tale retold, all brought to life on little bodies as they charge out to meet the world.

Cavelle Kids offers a refined approach to kids clothing by combining different fabric textures and bringing new technology to the children’s apparel market. The fit and comfort of each piece is obsessed over, so your kidlets will feel as good as they look.

Each piece of clothing is filled with detail inside and out, down to each stitch and fiber. The pieces are uniquely designed with your child’s style and comfort in mind. The luxurious machine-washable fabrics will make your child not want to take them off.

And if all that love isn’t enough, let’s just think about the name of this unique company, because oh how we love a story behind a name. It all started with a dreamy time. A time of wedded bliss for Jessica and her fiancé, Todd. Jessica’s mom stumbled upon a Yiddish word: “Kvell” that has no exact english translation, but is a feeling of “indescribable joy and pride”.

As her mom felt “indescribable joy and pride”” when she watched her daughter walk down the aisle, so too did the feeling of “Kvell” descend on Jessica as she developed her clothing line. She is completely “Cavelle” over the opportunity to share such an endearing clothing line with all of us and our littles.

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