Annice | Chic, Elegantly Styled Kidswear with a Twist

What do you get when you combine kids fashion and architecture?

A minimalist, simple, timeless, versatile, chic, elegant way of dressing.

Add in a dash of music?

A Fall/Winter collection from Annice that provides a minimalist, simple, timeless, versatile, chic, and elegant way of dressing your kids…with a twist.

Based in Barcelona, Annice was created by two architects seeking to change the way we dress our kids.

“During the creative process, we get our inspiration from the work of traditional designers, although we also draw inspiration beyond the world of fashion, using other working methods employed in other fields of design. Architecture is inevitably our ultimate point of reference and this is especially apparent in how we conceptualise lines, proportions, volumes and details. The models are conceived—and “made”—using clear and simple processes that breathe life into the fabrics until the items take shape.

Our designs have no other ornaments other than the details themselves: the cut itself, a stitch, a fold, a button. The fabrics and colours round off the design—enhancing or softening its expressiveness.

Here at Annice, we also pose challenges for ourselves: creating delicacy and femininity with sobriety, versatility and comfort, but without relinquishing good taste, and accompanying children in their experiences while having fun and exploring the world.

The combination of all these components—tradition, minimalism and details—gives rise to a very personal and distinct style to contemporary clothing that, without being childish, is perfect for children.”

~ Annice

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