Colored Organics | Creating Organic Kids Clothes with a Happy History

It’s done. The caramel loving motherload. All things organic. All things kids. All things clothes. And you know how much I love me caramel. Why this much love? Again. Organic. Kids. Clothes. I know. I know. We feature amazing peeps doing this all the time. But this dear designer completely touched me. And this quote will nail it for you.

“One of the greatest joys I receive from Colored Organics is that my daughter, who was my inspiration for the founding of this company, looks at what it has become and believes she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. One day, I hope to repay the favor and be her inspiration for something great.”


Am I right? Nailed it for you, didn’t it?! I see you scrambling for the caramel. Sit back. Enjoy. I have just begun. We be making a happy history.

It all begins with a child. Because, like oh so many designers on our pages, it was so for Amanda. The birth of her daughter sent her on a journey to ensure the health, safety and comfort of said little being. We all want that so bad, but the world at large is difficult to navigate as we all try to do just that. What’s best for our babes. And then it blossomed from there to becoming a global brand of modern, sweatshop free, organic cotton clothing that is a champion for ethical manufacturing. A brand that is offered all over the world with the fair trade promise to deliver color, quality, comfort and simplicity that are hallmarks of Colored Organics style.

Nope. Not. Done. Because this is the kick at the can moment. Up to 50% of the profits from your purchase will help to give a home to a child in need.

“I believe there is hope in our ability to think beyond ourselves and take responsibility for the long and short term impacts of the purchases we make.”


Colored Organics is creating a cycle of ongoing change and opportunity for everyone involved in the production of their GOTS Certified clothing. They believe that big change can happen through small consistent steps in the right direction. You bet we can!!!!!!







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