Counting Clouds | An Enchanting Collection For Kids and Mamas too!

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Counting Clouds is a beautiful Spanish kids fashion brand that encourages your littles to “lay on their back gazing into the sky looking for animals in the clouds as they pick lint from their belly button”. Yep, that is how dreamy this collection for kids 0-8 years old is! Hold on! Not just for kids, but they offer sweet designs for us mamas too! It does not get any better than this, my friends.

After more than ten years working as an architect and then having her second child, Elena decided to combine her two passions: design and family which created a brand that is inspired by a world where young and old can play and dream based on drawings, shapes and colors.

And of course I got all emoji blushy-faced when I learned that Counting Clouds uses great quality natural yarns in Spain, at small workshops as a way to promote local and sustainable businesses. Knits for women and kids, with prints and textures that tell a story in each collection. A collection made by a designer who believes in style and not in fashion. And with this mandate, it’s a collection that is so easy for us to invite Counting Clouds into the SKIP family:

“We believe in buying less and enjoying more.

We believe in clothes with a soul, designed to last.

We believe in the value of artisan products, made slowly.

We believe in preserving our environment, reducing our impact in our planet.

We believe in the beauty of simple things.

And most of all, we believe in being children for a lot of time”

~ Counting Clouds

Their Spring/Summer 18 collection is all about dance, and you know how we love dance in this house. “Let’s dance” is an invitation to listen to music and get carried away, to dance without shame, to enjoy and find our inner child. A delicate and comfortable collection, inspired by the music that makes us smile, gives wings to our imagination and transports us to imaginary worlds.

I’m already in my dreamy place as I check out their equally dreamy designs and so will you…be in that dreamy place…

Visit this SKIP of the Day here: Counting Clouds



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