Craffox Eco Toys

Who they are:

Dreamers. Ethical and Sustainable. Handcrafters.

What they do:

The makers at Craffox were prompted to make toys and nursery objects upon the arrival of their own little explorer. All products are tested in their own or their friends’ homes. They love working with wood because it is natural and alive. It brings everyone closer to nature.

They believe that wooden toys will be valued for generations. Just like a decades-old, rumpled teddy bear with some loose threads, their wooden toys are not only durable but also keep their emotional value throughout the person’s life. They can then passed on to the next generation. And the next.

Why we love them:

For all those pint size budding photographers and arteests, what is not to love. Your littles are going to be snap happy with these unique wooden toy cameras. That’s right, the imagination is gonna be a snapping’. And we can’t wait to see what treasure they are going to create next.

Find them:

Craffox Eco Toys






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