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Ethically Produced Hand-knit Dolls

“We’re going on a bear hunt.

We’re going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day!

We’re not scared.

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” was one of the tween’s favourite picture book back in the day. I think she still takes a peek, every now and again, as I will never give it up…EVER! So, when I discovered Cuddle&Kind’s newest two members to their adorable collection of hand-knit dolls, I couldn’t resist the sing song words of this treasured book. This bear hunt involves two of the cutest bears, who have their own inspiring stories to share with your littles. We have made it very clear how much we LOVE Cuddle & Kind and what they do. Where each doll purchased donates 10 meals to help feed children in need, and these ethically-produced dolls are hand-knit by artisans in Peru who receive a fair wage. These bears are beautifully brave and wildly cute. Meet Ivy and Oliver.

Ivy the Bear

birthday: March 12th

It makes me so happy to frolic in the glorious woods where I live. I love climbing trees and making new friends like you wherever I go. I’m a joyful little cub but I will always roar and stand up to bullies who aren’t kind to others. Let’s be fierce friends – let’s be silly and strong together!

favourite quote: “Have courage + be kind.”

goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.


Oliver the Bear

birthday: July 19th

I live in the wild and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love being fearless and free and roaming the awe-inspiring forest every day. Come wander with me and we’ll leave no stone unturned in this thrilling, interesting world. Let’s never grow up – let’s stay wild forever.

favourite quote: “Stay wild at heart.”

goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.

Psst! I couldn’t resist ordering Oliver for my favourite baby who is turning a whole big boy one year old next month! A wild at heart bear for a wild at heart boy. It doesn’t get any better than that!








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