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equestrian boot socks

As you may have figured out, we are an equine loving family and the tween….gasp…now teen daughter is a maniac when it comes to her love of anything that even smells like a horse or dance. Like I said, it’s a family affair.

Now just so you know, the hunter show ring is an “oh so very serious dressed” event, so one needs to to grab every opportunity to lighten the mood and show your style, even if they are hidden in your boots.

Look at this magic!!!!! When the teen won a pair of adorable boot socks from Dreamers & Schemers at a horse show, and I saw how sa-weet! they were, well of course I had to tell the world about them.

Not only are they sassy and fun, they are uber comfortable. They have a lightly padded toe that wraps around the bottom of your foot to the back of your ankle, adds cushioning and protection in high friction zones.

The extra stretchy fabric on the top of the foot and the rest of the leg provides adjustable height and width to accommodate all the shapes and sizes and the black cuff is knit, to stay colorfast when stretched, so no more indecent sock exposure in the ring.  Now we’re talkin’ my equine friends!

And it just gets better, because you have learned that I’m a giving kind of gal. But there is so much sass here, I can’t resist. These artisanal boot socks are handprinted with love and irreverence. They be on the left coast, on a mellow island with a high birkenstock count. Giggle. Of course, they love horses, dogs and most cats (cause some cats can be jerks. I’m with you on that….sorry, Janet) AND they love pancakes and avocados (me too!) Blushy emoji face. Love these peeps.

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