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No denying it. It be wintertime. It be snowy time. And after the final acceptance of the frigid temps., me and the fam. are now loving this time of year with whipped hot chocolate by the fire and frothy eggnog lattes for early morning wake-ups – well those be my great love at this time of year, but the tween has been known to have a no coffee version every now and then. And then there are the wintertime adventures. Eddy & Scout know all about anytime adventures. We discovered  Eddy & Scout last summer when they had me at “wildflowers”, “beachy breezes” and me beloved “fireflies”. But oh me oh my, their Fall/Winter Collection has me rapt with storybook wonder. Inspired by woodland adventures, this collection has your sweet explorer wrapped in woodland friends and colors.  Where deep rust and raspberry play with adorable and fun-filled characters; namely, raccoon, hedgehog, and fox friends. But it’s not just about finding adventure at Eddy & Scout.

In the creating of all of her designs, owner/designer, Holly Willis vows to ALWAYS produce responsibly and ethically. That be pitter-patter goes me heart material right there. As she grew the company, Holly learned what the garment industry looks like, and what the reality of what the market was. She found that there were many things that she could not morally “rubber stamp” in her own production line. One of those was outsourcing overseas in the pursuit of “cheap labor”.

Though it is not always the case, Holly didn’t want to take the chance and have the production of their clothing unwittingly be outsourced to factories engaging in human rights violations, even if they were very choosy in their factory selection. As a parent, Holly could not imagine her own child being forced to work in a factory instead of enjoying the adventure of childhood, and could not risk being a party to maltreatment of any other human, child or adult.

Because of this, these lovely peeps manufacture locally in their studio in Orange County, California and maintain a strong relationship with each of their sewers, ensuring that they are being paid a fair and living wage, as well as enjoying the rights of U.S. labor law. Oh my goodness, my cup (of eggnog latte) runneth over.

Check. It. Out.



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