Eggs in a Basket

My cup runneth over. My dear friend, Susana…creator and masterminder of Bonjour Baby Baskets has given SKIP the best gift EVER!

A guest post!!!

It’s no surprise that my other dear friend is still gushing over her Bonjour Bath Time Basket  that I gifted for the arrival of one of the most beautiful baby’s I have ever laid eyes on. Oh how glad I was to find such a unique gift to give on such a special occasion.

Yes. That’s him, sporting the towel from said basket. Maximum sweetness.

We have a huge post planned featuring this cherub and his basket , but remember that little Skip daily ditty we did? Oh yes you do, right here. 

In celebration of bringing the world together, Susana and her dear fam have discovered local and world lovelies for your sweet babes that will make you swoon.

Love. Love, Love. Right, you are sick of me rambling on, so I will let Susana speak of which we love:



When we started the journey that would become Bonjour Baby Baskets a couple of years ago with a conversation at the dining table with the kids, we did not expect to meet so many fantastic and creative designers along the way.

At our launch, we had a couple of ideas for our Luxury Baby Gift Baskets. These creative and fun ideas eventually evolved into hundreds of amazing unique packages which we make every season. We’ve combined the idea of a luxury baby boutique with the traditional gift basket, giving you the best of both concepts in our exclusive collection of One of a Kind Baby Gift Baskets.

We are always looking to incorporate superior quality products from fabulous innovative designers to add to our exclusive Baby Gift Baskets. Our company seeks locally made, safe accessories and toys as well as the best fabrics best suited for a baby’s delicate skin.

During our intensive search we’ve discovered fabulous designers offering what we were looking for; the best baby gifts in the market that we can safely add to our exclusive Baby Gift Baskets.



Since the beginning, we have developed great relationships with all our designers. Because we would love for our customers to know more about the designers and their products, we felt motivated to start our “Meet the Designers” series, where we ask them some questions about the inspiration behind their projects, as well as their plans and aspirations for the future.

These series give our customers the opportunity to discover the little details about the brands they already know and love.

The interviews with the designers also allow us to become more connected with product origin stories, helping us discover the what, how and why behind the products that we purchase.

We’ve recently interviewed OEUF NYC’s founder Sophie Demenge and we fell in love even more with their company and their products.

When Sophie and her husband were looking for a modern and elegantly designed crib and they couldn’t find one, they decided to create their own.

It instantly became a success with other moms.

Later on, they branched out into baby clothing . I absolutely adore their fun baby alpaca knits and the organic Pima cotton layette, it’s soft as silk and made with the utmost detail and care.

During our fun interview, I discovered many things I didn’t know about Oeuf. For example, their “Pet Project” collaboration with SCAR -Sean Casey Animal Rescue and how Oeuf contributed 20% of their profits to that organization.

I also learned the importance that Oeuf places on ethical production.

All their knitwear is handmade in Bolivia by the Fair Trade Women’s Collective with 100% baby alpaca.

Similarly, their baby layette is made in Peru with Certified organic pima cotton, which is considered the “cashmere of cottons” for its silky appearance and durability.

We are so proud to be one of the retailers for Oeuf in Canada and to incorporate their beautiful designs to our curated Baby Gift Baskets.

We share their beliefs and business philosophy:

Be good

Be good designers

Be good people

Be good to the planet

Thank you Skip Feels Good for the opportunity to chat about our designers. You can see Oeuf and other Designers’ interviews here.

With love


Susana is the founder and owner of Bonjour Baby Baskets. They offer Luxury Baby Gift Baskets carefully curated with products around the world specially hand-picked for their good quality, safety and great designs.







Thank YOU dear Susana! Love it.