EllieFunDay | Organic Baby Blankets That Empower Marginalized Women

EllieFunDay is a social enterprise that designs organic baby blankets that empower marginalized women through dignified employment and a fair-wage.
Each blanket is lovingly handcrafted for life™.

Oodles of love for this newly discovered family owned company. Sarah and Elton Lin have created a business, whose sole PURPOSE is to make change in the world. The caramel wrappers are flying as I savour, yes the coveted caramel, but even more so savouring EllieFunDay. The name alone evokes all things joy.  And just to get you even more misty eyed, grab your own caramel and enjoy this beautiful ode to doing business the giving back way.

This beautiful couple have also created a non-profit organization called Handcrafted for Life, that gives back to the training and development of marginalized communities to empower them with a fair wage and dignified employment.

A fair wage provides for both the artisans and their family. It also is an expression of respect for each woman as a global citizen.

EllieFunDay’s partners provide a safe haven for many who have suffered some form of domestic abuse, human trafficking or societal rejection.

On-site clinics at the sewing units provide easy access to appropriate healthcare. Ongoing education in literacy, financial management and skills-training help the women become more self-sustaining.

Trained counsellors provide support and a safe place for healing from crisis situations.

All donations to this amazing organization empower marginalized women through work and education in order to help them rise out of poverty.


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