Rylee + Cru | The Ethically Made Children’s Autumn/Winter 17 Folklore Collection

Launched in 2014, this ethically made children’s clothing line founded by illustrator Kelli Murray quickly garnered much excitement in the kid’s fashion world.

Her creations (and the name of the company) are inspired by her own littles, where she merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child.

Each collection consists of quality basics that are each garment dyed, which means they are pre-shrunk and have a super soft, vintage feel right out of the box. Kids are encouraged to get dirty (right, as if they need encouragement), because you are also going to love throwing these little ditties in the washer and dryer and not worry about shrinkage. 

Each print is hand illustrated or painted with a subtle mix of watercolor and line art. The overall feel is whimsical, soft, and ethereal. It’s a family affair since Kelli was able to partner with her dad, who owns a screen printing company for the printing of all the clothes and each piece is ethically made in a local factory in California.

The Spring/Summer Collection was all about the sounds, sights and magic of the circus. Powerful creations from a time gone by.  A collection that is now on sale, so scadaddle over there, but come on back, because this Autumn/Winter Folklore Collection presents the richness of a fairy tale come true. It’s wildflowers, foxes, sage, soft forest foliage and knit bloomers. Worth a repeat, knit bloomers. It’s a collection that not just represents the signature whimsical, soft and ethereal that is all things Rylee + Cru. These little lovelies are also cosy, and comfy. So easy for your kids to wear, so easy to let them explore, and so easy for them to skip. Yes, let’s not forget to skip.



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