Fable Kids Handmade | One of a Kind Vintage Hand-Embroidered Snuggle Ponies


One of a kind. Vintage. Hand-Embroidered. Totally worth a repeat. I have had a complete love affair with these dear snuggle ponies since the drop from Fable Kids Handmade. It’s a heavenly drop from the maker of magical story dolls and tooth fairy houses.

These one of a kind snuggle ponies are made of thrifted vintage embroidered fabric from a time gone by. A time where the beauty of the cross stitch was considered one of the most important of the arts.

Amy Shelling has given those artisans work a new life by creating a captivating corral of equine loveliness that has me feeling ‘oh so not worthy’.

I’m almost misty eyed as I gaze upon these amazing creatures. I can feel it in my soul. They are rich with history. They breathe new life into the forgotten treasures left over from people’s lives. They remind me of how important it is to not let these once much-loved treasures be laid to waste.

” I imagine the maker pouring a piece of herself into this and embroidering it with love.”

~ Amy Shelling. Fable Kids Handmade.



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