The Fableists | Play Hard. Live Forever.

Really tried hard. You bet I did. Really tried hard to give you one little sumpthin’-sumpthin’ for the skip of the day. But it just didn’t happen. Today it’s not about one amazing product, it’s about one amazing group of designers. So here you have it, because this is about how much I love you beautiful people. And it’s definitely about how much I love this company.

The Fableists (fay-buh-list) noun, pl.

A group of people making the coolest clothing for little punks! Garments that are not only beautifully designed but made well and completely sustainable.

Let’s just break down that name. Yes, we shall just do that, because we oh so love words.

Fable – a short story with a moral

Activist – someone with a rebellious spirit who makes positive change happen

Based in the United Kingdom. They had me with Worldwide Shipping.

Even more in LOVE.


Our mission is simple.

We’re here to kill convention. And produce the very coolest of clobber, that’s sustainable, ethical and built to last. No fast-fashion rubbish. No mountains of wastage. No child labour. Just cool, edgy clothing that doesn’t cost the earth, but helps to save it instead.

We are a group of creative people making cool, sustainable clothing for kids. Our garments are not only designed well but are also completely sustainable.

Our look is based heavily on cool utilitarian work-wear and classic vintage clothing. Timeless, hard-wearing clobber for kids that will look just as good in 10 years time.

Our threads aren’t about seasons. They’re designed to be worn all year round by both boys and girls.

We are properly sustainable every little step of the way. And we respect every person along the way who makes our clothing happen.

The Fableists. Play hard, live forever.

Become a Fableist. Join the revolution!!

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