A Holiday Toy Gift Guide – Giving Ethically Has Never Been So Much Fun!

When I was kid, it was all about the Brady Bunch, kick the can, and every Christmas; the Sears Christmas Wish Book. My parents had to field arguments about who could spend time with the coveted bearer of all things Christmas and all things toys.

Certainly this does not have the weight of that cherished catalog, but this toy guide is full of ethical fun that is all about making things easy for you ’cause you are crazy, busy peeps.

That’s right. I see you running around trying to get it all done, never mind getting the whole holiday shopping done. Don’t even think about going to the mall. We’ve got your backs. We’ve got it all here for you.



Finn + Emma | Holiday Gift Boxes

We have oooey gooey love for Finn + Emma. (*affiliate) They live in the balance of stylish and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints and heirloom quality construction are abundant.

Sustainability is bountiful too. You grew your little one organically, so why add chemicals now? Only the finest 100% organic cotton, eco friendly dyes, and all natural wood will do for your little munchkin, and they’ve got plenty.

And on top of that, their garments and accessories are produced in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence for local people, women especially, working to provide for their families in a safe and fair environment. (Oh my goodness, can you read the SKIP mission in all that goodness and love)

*We are feeling so loved by your visit. As an affiliate with this company, we may receive compensation for sales made through these links and/or product reviews. But just so you know, no one is twisting our arm. These are truly our honest opinions. We are ever so grateful for your support, which allows us to scour the world for the next big skip!

Teddykompaniet | Plush Toys

Can we just talk about the word plush. That’s right. PLUUUUUSH. Don’t you just love the sound of that soft, pillowy, mushy in your face word. Let’s define that word. Come on! It’s been ever so long since we did this. You’ve been spoiled. And I am squee with excitement.



abundantly rich, lush, luxurious

Plush also means all things Teddykompaniet. A family-run, toy company hailing from Sweden. That’s right. These plushy lovelies hail from that part of the world, dear ones.

As a fellow Scandinavian, it’s hard to be humble when your country peeps are the makers of all this plush for all your sweet littles. Not just all things plush, but all things ethical, safe and fair trade. And best of all, they are finally bringing their Scandinavian design and quality to the US.

They are made with soft materials in subtle colors, are incredibly cuddly and will for sure be your smäbarn’s favourite snuggly too.


Treeclub Kids | Heirloom Quality Wooden Toys

Looking for an awesome gift for your little ones? Treeclub Kids offer beautifully crafted wooden toys that are completely natural and make great gifts for littles from 0 to 5!

Timeless Toys. Crafted with Care. Powered by Imagination.

Treeclub Kids is a Canadian family-owned business that makes heirloom quality wooden toys for babies and children.

Proudly designed and made in Canada, their toys are a safe, natural and eco-friendly alternative to the many commercially available plastic toys that are found in today’s toy stores.

Their toys don’t run on batteries but are fuelled by a child’s imagination. They believe that toys should be safe, simple and built to last.

By focusing on innovative designs, good workmanship and safe, high quality materials they aim to provide well designed and durable toys that help children learn through play and discover their own creativity.

It’s like St. Nick’s workshop! I can see the elves just a singing and a working away. Slow toy making at its finest.

So on board with all that this company stands for. So excited to have found these gorgeous toys. So inspired by these talented toy makers.

FABELAB | Ethical Kids Products That Encourage Imagination, Exploration, and Discovery.

Consider these buzz words: playfulness, stories, love, creativity, magical surprises, sophisticated colors, simple geometry, beautiful and functional. All words that we hold close to our hearts here at SKIP.

In fact, I’ve pulled out the caramel for this one, because not only do the fabulous peeps at FABELAB use these words to describe their beautiful line of innovative and soft products that are made responsibly, they encourage little dreamers and adventurers to imagine, explore and discover.

Another yummy reason why I love them is that clearly they have the love for words, new words. You bet there’s a story here.

FABELAB – The Fabulation Laboratory

“A laboratory is a place to be creative, to try without error and to invent stories – to fabulate”

You know how me loves me words. Yes, another caramel worthy designer that we oh so adore.

Kid Licks | Organic Edible Nail Polish

I’m just going to say it. I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish. Don’t get me wrong, I love an indulgent mani/pedi as much as the next girly girl and even the self professed tomboy, Janet sports a pretty spectacular set of sparkly toes ( right, she does have a love of the pretty things). And then there is the tween, who is ALL about the painted nail and fully expects many jewelled colors in her christmas stocking…FULL STOP… I have to admit that it’s one thing for me to have that poison seep through my cuticles and into my bloodstream. But said poison will not go anywhere near my daughter’s tender digits, never mind seep into her precious young body.

Ahhhhh! Stop yelling at me! I knows of the hypocrisy of what I just professed. That is why I am so excited to include this in this guide.

My present to you: ORGANIC EDIBLE NAIL POLISH. Best holiday gift EVER!  Am I right!? Hear me out.

Kid Licks is food based, made of fruits, veggies and plants, and washes off with soap and water so there is no chemical nail polish remover to use. Boom! I’ll say it again, Best holiday gift EVER!

Beep Bicycle Bells | Ethically Made Bike Accessories

I am soooooo excited to have found Beep Bicycle Bells. They are all about giving your kiddos favorite set of wheels not just a safety feature, but a whole lot of pizazz and personality. Founded in 2012 by Jana Lindstrom and Steve Dubé – avid cyclists, and parents of three boys – Beep Bicycle Bells is a small, independent accessory company that combines hand-crafted design with a love of outdoor adventures.

Proudly based in Australia, they combine their expert knowledge of cycling with their love of art and good design. They are passionate about the design of efficient, unique bicycle accessories and with their hand-painted Beep Bicycle Bell they offer the high level of care only received by handcrafted products.

The hand painted range is produced in small artisan batches with durable weather proof paints. They take great care to ensure that each and every bell is painted, cured, and baked with love.

They are concerned for the environment and where possible they  use eco-materials such as non-toxic paints and 100% post-consumer recycled content packaging.

All assembled and hand painted by the Beep Studio, just in time for that new bike from Santa. Great gifts which inspire outdoor adventures.

Happy Little Folks | Non Toxic Wooden Toys and Decor

Happy Little Folks is a small creative studio based in London, where they design and make non toxic wooden toys, nursery decor and interior accessories. It’s a company that was born because of love of nature and passion for design and craft.

Their mission is to create beautiful, unique and quality items for children, which are made of non toxic, natural, eco-friendly materials, and safe for your littles. Their modern and minimalist designs will appeal to both children and adults alike. They love and support handmade. Hands up! So do we!

They believe that children should be surrounded by things that are timeless and that inspire them to imagine, to create and to discover. They hope their products will remind you about the lightness and cheerfulness of childhood and you will feel encouraged to play and explore with your little ones.

Wood used for all the products is of highest quality and comes from sustainable, FSC certified sources and paints are non toxic and toy-safe certified.

Ida – the creator of these pieces of art works with a couple of small manufacturers who produce her wooden shapes by hand and then each and every piece is lovingly hand painted by her in her home based studio.

Me loves all of it!


Bureo | An All New Jenga Game That Is Saving Our Oceans

Every Christmas we played Jenga. Oh how we begged for Jenga, And with sly looks thrown, we would beg our mom to play this innocent enough game. Her strategy. Priceless. It was one where in the excitement of it all, she would laugh uncontrollably, tears streaming, hand quivering as she extended it toward the tower. Us kids; wide-eyed, holding our breath, barely containing our own laughter and of course teasing her mercilessly, as she pulled the small wooden block that would cause the inevitable collapse of said tower. Priceless. My dear mom was more fun than the actual game. A memory I will always treasure. But, hold on, because…

… had we had the new “changing of the world” game created in partnership with Jenga and Bureo, weeeeelllllll, it may have been a Christmas game changer. Because this be a match made in heaven and my mom would have so approved.

Introducing Jenga Ocean. The first board game made from 25 square feet recycled fishing nets that are proudly sourced through Bureo’s Net Postiva recycling program.

Featuring threatened marine animal block designs, players of Jenga Ocean are encouraged to ‘Save the Animals’ through special edition rules.

Learning about the damaging impact of discarded fishing nets, which account for 10% of plastic pollution in the ocean, players will gain an understanding of how discarded nets are harming marine animals, and learn about what they can do to help.







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