Hopper Hunter | Ethically Made Clothing Designed for the Boundless Potential in Children

Be still my heart, because can I just say how much I love this little bit of ethically made loveliness from Hopper Hunter for all of your “little explorers”, your “small wanderers”, and your “tiny dreamers”. Created in 2016, by the peeps who also created 18 Waits…go take a peak…but you need to come back quick, because this is what I live for.

Hopper Hunter encourages us to remember a time when clothes were made with care.  A time where you could count on quality that meant clothing could be passed down from child to child and family to family. These original designs are meant to be played in, messed up, cleaned up, patched up, passed down and loved. All without a care in the world. Hopper Hunter is crafted in Canada (my people!) with an oh so fine attention to detail and a rich focus on the spirit of childhood.

But, wait for it. There is an oath. Really, truly, Hopper Hunter had me at their oath, most definitely at “hunt for fireflies”, no “dance my heart out”, no…sigh…they had me with all of it. I’m eight years old again, in my little Brownie uniform with my hand over my heart. Earnest little face. I solemnly swear to:

find & lead adventures
wander & explore
share ideas & cookies
hunt for fireflies
befriend animals
dance my heart out
build forts (snow, tree, and pillow)
tell stories in my own way
explore museums and forests alike
find the boats and trains in the clouds
dream all the dreams
nap in all the fields
eat all the ice creams
climb all the trees
grow into a mighty oak

~ Hopper Hunter Oath

Now they have you wrapped too. Am I right?! Here is a sneak peek into the Spring/Summer 18 lookbook that will start to drop throughout the next couple of weeks. Yep, you see right. There be some smashing dad-matching options too. Now we are talkin’. Complete adorableness.










Visit this SKIP of the Day here: Hopper Hunter




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