Human + Mother | Stylish and Comfortable Baby Wrap Carriers that Give Back

OK, this is my big reveal of the day. I struggled with all the many “things” that you needed to take care of a baby. Really!? Why all the stuff!? I chafed under it all. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the day-to-day stuff. I’m not talkin’ bottles and diapers here, I’m talkin’ the big stuff. The “this is going to make your life as parent of a new baby so easy” kind of stuff. Like strollers – don’t even get me started. Today, it’s all about the important baby carrier. You know the one. Where you get to keep your baby as close to your body as possible, yet giving you the freedom to go about your daily activities while practising some beautiful attachment parenting. Maybe, it was because we were in Nicaragua when the tween was a baby and the options were…no options, except for the baby carriers that had me looking and feeling like the guy who held Kuato in his stomach in the original Total Recall movie. My baby and I were miserable. There was nothing natural about them. I ditched them all and my baby wearing consisted of me wearing my baby on my hip.

Now all this preamble and YES! an adorable photo of my beautiful daughter is because I found Human + Mother, who offer THE most comfortable way to wear your babe. Not only that,  they offer these wraps with that ‘give back’ business model that we all love!

Designed by a mom of two boys, Justine wanted to create trendy, lightweight and locally made baby wraps with two things in mind; to encourage stylish and comfortable baby wearing in North America and to support a cause that she feels tremendous passion for.

Justine started Human + Mother with the desire to raise awareness of the heart-wrenching maternal and infant mortality rate in some of the poorest countries on the planet. Three dollars of every wrap sold helps reduce this maternal and infant mortality rate around the world. With your help, they support two incredible organizations who create safer births for Mamas and babes.

At Human + Mother, they use one of the most sustainable fabrics available, Lenzing Modal; a beechwood fibre that is harvested from sustainably managed forests and is produced using a patented process that generates little to no waste. Along with using an eco-friendly fabric, they also have cut down immensely on emissions by keeping everything as local as possible.



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