Jake + Maya | Bringing You the Future of Childrenswear. NOW.


This is it. I’ve been stalking (in a good way) these peeps with great interest. It’s the future. NOW. It’s everything we want in a childrenswear brand. We live for this stuff. A brand that creates unique slow fashion for your fast growing kids with a twist. Let’s break it down. You are going to love this.





BOOM. End blog post. Truly I could sign off right now, because the beautiful mama maker behind all the sustainable and ethical goings on has completely nailed all that we ask for in dressing kids. But there’s more. Come on! You knows me by now!

Vibrating with excitement, because when you purchase a Jake + Maya outfit, not only are you buying the above with much style, you also have the ability to extend that soon to be favourite outfit’s lifespan with their built in adjustable features AND wait for it…you also receive an extension-pack which you can use to extend the garment. Not handy with needle and thread? They have you covered. Just send it on back to Jake + Maya and they will do that stitching for you. FREE OF CHARGE. Yeah baby. So easy. High five and all that! Check out this lookbook and join the #slowfashionforkidsrevolution now.


























Visit this SKIP of the Day here: Jake + Maya







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