Kasi Collection | Jewelry Meant to Inspire and Empower Both the Young and the Young at Heart


It’s a story that as a mom of an almost teen breaks my heart, but it also inspires. It’s a story that I wished I would have had, as I navigated the turbulent young years. It’s a story that I was quick to show the almost teen, in hopes that she would find strength to persevere, to always believe in herself, and to be strong in the love for herself.

For 15-year-old Kasi Staab, it was bullying that led her to reach deep and create something from that pain. Something that would give her and others the ability to feel beautiful no matter what the haters said or did.

Finding her strength meant using the artist deep within her soul and as she sketched her pain what emerged would be the future designs for the Kasi Collection of necklaces that provide inspiration, comfort, and strength for not just the young, but the young at heart.

I want them all.







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