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At Kate Quinn Organics, they pride themselves on not only creating the most unique kidswear, they also pride themselves on their commitment to fair trade and the earth.

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They use certified organic cotton on whatever elements whenever possible, that is grown using sustainable farming practices which maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Each certified organic cotton piece is made of ultra-soft, all-natural, organically produced cotton certified by GOTS and colored using low environmentally impact dyes.

They also use fair trade practices under the global organic textile standards (GOTS).  Every little garment makes a difference with the unprecedented opportunity to positively impact lives.

But the best part of this story is Kate’s collaboration with her Africa based manufacturing company Bebe Ravi, where they are making a difference together. Bebe Ravi was founded in 2004 by Siamanda Chege when she returned to her homeland of Kenya and was overwhelmed by the social and economic conditions. She felt compelled to take action and give back to her community in a sustainable way, thus deciding the best strategy to generate employment through a for-profit enterprise.

Bebe Ravi’s mission is to provide jobs and job training within the apparel and home industries. Currently the company employs 50-100 women in Nakuru, Kenya – an area with unemployment rates as high as 40%. Many of the women have been widowed by the AIDS epidemic, thus becoming the sole source of income for their families. By giving them access to revenue, not only are the lives of their children significantly improved, but the entire community is propelled forward. Bebe Ravi also pays above average wage to its workers and provides them with meals.

Siamanda Chege from Bebe Ravi is also the founder of the Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage which provides shelter, food, healthcare, psychological and emotional support, as well as education up to college for over 25 Kenyan children.  A percentage of the projects revenue goes back into the community through the Patrick Chege Orphanage.

Yep!  Kate Quinn Organics Fall Collection has dropped and boy did they NOT disappoint! Really though, I have such a lovefest going on with the talented Kate and her team, so there was no doubt that me heart was a thump thump with big time love.

Fall neutrals. French Lace. Smocking. Thistle. Tassels. Embroidery, and let me catch my breath…Wheat (that be a color my friends…a golden wheat, can you see that sunset color…so far one of my favourite colors of this festive season. Psst… this much loved color may present itself in our own future tween line! Sorry Janet, cannot resist that little reveal. Forgives.

And don’t even get me started with the little bear print. Completely gaga with heart emoji love. Here. You want this now!







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