Lakes and Lambs | Unique All Purpose Overalls For Every Adventure

It’s a picture straight out of a hallmark card or one of those beer commercials that features a treasured moment that makes us all cry. It starts with a sweet boy, his nose pressed to the frosted window as he watches his beloved dad head out to tend to the farm, dressed as he did every day in his “boilersuit”. He then turns to his mom and said: “Mum, can I dress just like dad”?

An innocent request, but for Jannike Taylor, that request and her frustration at not finding well designed all-purpose overalls for her young children sent her on a creative journey that launched Lakes and Lambs.

And oh how glad we are that she did!

A company that was inspired by a love of the Lake District (yes, we be in the English countryside – think Beatrix Potter – so jealous), nature and farming, but most of all this mompreneur encourages a fun outdoor lifestyle.

The traditional boilersuit design was improved upon with practical design features and tailor-made prints, all specifically with children in mind. It’s not just about farming. It’s about country living. It’s about encouraging children to be active and adventurous. Whether your little ones are in the garden, park, field or sand pit, Lakes and Lambs is for every outdoor adventure!









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