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The tween has many dreams and many passions, but I would have to say that dancing would be up there (there is also the love of a certain adorable pony, but that’s for a future post). She spends countless hours training in dance, dreaming about dance and flies around the living room practising for hours. A living room that I don’t recognize anymore since every piece of furniture is permanently pushed to the walls. I love how she has discovered her passions and goes after her dreams.

So, of course I thought of my little dancer when I came upon Little Creative Factory and their Spring/Summer 18 collection called ‘Dancers’.

I know! I said SPRING and SUMMER. I dreamily gaze out the window at the many feet of snow and since I am longing for said season, I’m going to just put it out there with the first post for the approaching warm weather.

Little Creative Factory was founded in Barcelona by two moms: Cristina Fernandez and Esther Villanueva in 2011, both grounded in their philosophy that “Less is More”.

They draw on their backgrounds in architecture to create unique designs that are minimal and timeless. And we’re not talking about a pretty little dress or a simple blouse. With every season, the team at Little Creative Factory offer an experience for children, encouraging them to grow and create their own style. With their designs, they encourage children to dream, play and develop their own identity. What’s not to love!

“The Barcelona stamp defines who we are and what we do – our ethics and philosophy – and our desire to work for the planet and its inhabitants in a sustainable manner.”

~ Little Creative Factory


 ( Launching January 29th)

“Dancing is like Dreaming with your Feet”






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