Love Your Melon | An Inspirational Giving Back Story That Keeps On Giving

This inspirational giving back story begins in a class of bright eyed would be, could be entrepreneurs back in 2012. Most of these kids probably sat dreaming of making millions, but for Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller they wanted to do something that would…you bet…be a great business, but more importantly they wanted their business model to have a bigger purpose and one that would make a difference.

I can only imagine the vision board as these two friends connected the dots that would create the story for this amazing giving back company…

“Where a story of pain can become a story of strength.”

And like all great stories this one started with a simple idea:

“Put a hat on every child battling cancer in America.”

With a business model that included donating 50% of their profit from the hats and clothing they sell to non-profit partners and charities seeking a cure for paediatric cancer. A business model that their instructors said would never fly. Boom. Not only did this idea fly, the Superhero Beanie Giveaway Program that Zach and Brian created has donated more than $3.8 million to the fight against childhood cancer and given over 123,000 hats to children suffering from the disease.

At the heart of their beanie giveaway programs is the Love Your Melon Campus Crew Program. This program is an incredible group of like-minded college students across all fifty states who are determined to improve the lives of children battling cancer. In communities across the country, these Crew Members raise awareness for childhood cancer and represent the Love Your Melon brand. Crew members also coordinate, plan, and run beanie donation events all year long. It’s a constant pay it forward.

And because of the support Love Your Melon has received, their impact is spreading further than ever before! With the launch of the International Giving Program, they will now be giving beanies to children in hospitals all over the world. Can’t wait for the future chapters of this Love Your Melon story.







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