Who they are:

Ethical and Sustainable. Organic. Family Run. Eco-conscious.

What they do:

Founded in 2011 by Julie and Veit Kohlhoff with a vision for a new concept with a unique style in the children’s fashion world. Every material and product is created by parents with the perfect understanding of a child’s need for freedom, comfort and happiness. They are all enthusiastic textile and design lovers, dedicated to creating fashion and style from a family to families for today and the future.

Why we love them:


The innovations of their all-natural, functional textiles are entirely based on traditional manufacturing expertise. The knits and wovens are all macarons textile developments, making them a leader in developing outstanding, one of a kind organic fabrics.

Macarons controls every step from selecting the worlds best GOTS certified yarns to the spinning, the dying, the knitting and weaving to the finishing and sewing.

And here is the clincher. They produce all of their items responsibly along the entire production chain to help make a better world and a positive future for our kids on this planet.

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