Native Fable | The Original Faux Fur Animal Bonnet

Ok, you are going to HAVE to act FAST! You know how my last Skip of the Day was long? This be short, my friends. Why you ask, sipping your cappuccino all loung-eee like, arm slung over the back of the chair…yeah I see you. BECAUSE!!!! The bears are back!!!! (and coming soon: the cream polar bear, the fox, the wolf and the fawn). They won’t be here for long, so that’s why I just have to get this out fast and furious. I have been trying so hard to time this right for you, to feature this beloved designer, but I’m just throwing caution to the wind and giving you this NOW. One of my most fav. Most exquisite share EVER!

I give you dear Ashley. The creative force behind Native Fable. Her journey is one of love, motherhood and one of taking chances. Her work is a culmination of all that she knows, a culmination of all the watershed moments in her life. As a young girl, growing up in a a large family, Ashley was the artistic one. She spent her time painting and drawing. She almost never fit in and she never once cared. Oh how I love this girl!!!!! It wasn’t until Ashley pursued her fine arts degree at the University of Florida, that she found her tribe and fellow dreamers. This is where she met the love of her life and a beautiful family followed. After a failed attempt at finding happiness in the corporate world, she found herself happily reunited with her sweet babes at home, content. As satisfying as this was, Ashley knew she needed to find an outlet for her creativity. And it unfolded in such a beautiful way. It was a craigslist purchase of a sewing machine, so that she could (of course) make (sweet) things for her new daughter. Who knew that this simple sewing machine would give birth to a small shop that features hats and bonnets. To Ashley, these hats and bonnets feel like drawings. They’re characters in stories; they are dreams and poems.

Hand to heart, I am completely in love. I have been for some time now and oh so glad that you too can have a little Native Fable in your life. But really truly, hurry. I am not kidding how fast these handmade treasures find their forever homes.


Visit this SKIP of the Day here: Native Fable






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