Nest and Nurture | Ethically Handcrafted Children’s Clothing

Ethically Handcrafted Children's Clothing

Yes, that be an adorable lamb. And that would be the most adorable romper on the most adorable cherub. All coming at-cha from Nest and Nurture who are all about fabric, quality, and clothes made for play. All their items are ethically handmade in the Okanagan Valley, Canada (that’s right, we be in the same beautiful valley) from new, vintage, modern, and reclaimed fabrics. We are skipping with love for it all!

What’s more to love is that these precious one of a kind pieces are made to last and will surely be tucked away once your little grows out of them and be passed on time after time.

Ethically Handcrafted Children's ClothingIt all started as a way for Yolanda, the creator of Nest and Nurture, a self professed fabric hoarder to escape her busy life and relax. Her studio is a place where she can shut the door and forget the craziness of life.

She is a serious thrift store junkie and is always on the search for unique fabrics and notions that can be reclaimed and used to make beautiful pieces for your sweet babes.

Yolanda does all the pattern drafting, designing, fabric selection, online/customer support, social media, website design/product input, packing, and shipping. Dear me, I am spent just writing all that! ALL this with a toddler running around, and a husband working out of town. But, dear Yolanda credits her team of six seamstresses who help her make this dream come true.

But, let’s continue the cuteness. Summer cuteness that transition so well into the cooler months to come, and Yolanda has “a lot of exciting things planned for that Fall/Winter collection. Psst…a little birdie told me that there may be a surprise for us mommas too. Can’t wait! Blowing a kiss emoji face to you, Yolanda. We adore everything you do!

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