NIOVI Organics | GOTS Certified Baby Romper. Ethically Made. Giving Back. Adorable.

GOTS certified baby clothes

It arrived! The softest, rub on cheek, breathe in freshness GOTS certified baby romper. When I opened this beautiful package of loveliness from NIOVI Organics, I was blown AWAY. Did I mention soft?! Uber soft! You know what uber soft means to your sweet babe’s skin. So of course. Because this is what I do. Come on! You all know me by now! I ran straight over to the home of the most adorable cherub, her beautiful momma, and wrote a product review that will have you knocking down the door of this Australia based giving back company who create clothing that change lives.

These beautiful peeps set out to create a label that is as simple as a little one’s life. Creating ethically made, GOTS certified, and the finest quality organic baby clothing. Sit back. Grab a caramel and enjoy the show. You know when I grab my coveted caramel, it’s going to be a good show.

Simple prints inspired by nature, infused with childhood play, gorgeous color palette occasionally smattered with a bit of sparkle, their prints aim to capture nature’s view of children in a simplistic way. Designed and conceptualized in Melbourne, their clothing is made in GOTS-certified factories in India.

Made by skillful handmaidens, each piece is uniquely crafted with hope, love, and joy. Styles sketched with the comfort of little ones in mind, their clothing is bound to create lifelong memories to cherish.

True to the innocence of childhood, NIOVI Organics are proud to follow a transparent supply chain, guaranteeing their farmers and textile workers fair and ethical work conditions which they oversee themselves. They have also personally inspected all the factories in which their clothing is made to ensure their impeccable quality standards are met.

And let’s not forget that giving back business model. Because, not only do you and your sweet babe receive the organic love that NIOVI Organics create, they believe in giving back by contributing part of their proceeds to the “Sudaroli Home For the Blind”  located in Mettur, India.

The home makes it possible for blind people to live a dignified life by training them to produce handicrafts, candles, incense sticks, soap powders and paper envelopes.

With the home’s support, children of the blind people are able to go to school and then college, giving them a brighter future and the life chances they deserve.

And now an adorable review this beautiful momma, Jaime:


Quality: Felt great and I loved the features.

Cuteness Factor: Yep, cute! A little plain, but fresh looking; perfect for babies.

Colors: Bright and simple

Texture: Thick and soft. I could feel the quality.

GOTS certified baby romper


How does it feel? Super thick and soft fabric. Feels great! Very snuggly.

How does it fit? Great! Nice and fitted with enough stretch to allow movement and ensure comfort.

GOTS certified baby romper


Did it shrink? A little.

How was the texture? Still nice and soft.

Did the color fade? Not that I noticed.

GOTS certified baby romper


Anymore shrinkage? A little more…or my baby is growing LOL.

How is the texture now? Still nice and soft.

And the color fastness? Great!

GOTS certified baby romper


What about this item pleased you most? I love that it has a zipper instead of snaps, not only that; it’s a double zipper! I also love that it covers the feet for around the house, but then I can fold the feet back into a cuff to put on booties for going out.

What would you change about this outfit? Hmmmm…nothing! It’s great! Maybe a cuter print? Although, I do like this one.

GOTS certified baby romper

Thanks so much, dear Jaime!

There you have it my darlings. A romper review that we can get on board with. Yep! I see the caramel wrappers flying as you dash off to get some of these dear rompers.


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