Nudnik | Designing For Your Imaginative Kids With Zero Waste

Playfully Inspired Clothing

You know how I try to keep my Skip of the Day’s as short as possible, because truly they are just supposed to be a little daily ethical kid recipe from me to you: to start your day fun, sneak away from work fun, your sweet babe is having a nap fun, end of the day fun… alright…anytime fun. And you know how sometimes that doesn’t work, because I gets me-self all excited about what and who we are featuring. Well today is one of those days…ok, I admit, you have seen a few of these since we launched. But this be a long Skip, because I am feelin’ that YOU like ME are going to want to know EVERYTHING about NUDNIK and their quest to turn discarded clothing into cool and super fun kidswear. That’s right. Designing for zero waste.


Founded by twin sisters Alex and Lindsay Lorusso, Nudnik honours the millennial parents who are nurturing our next generation of curious compassionate leaders.

Their unisex line of children’s clothing and accessories celebrates the boundless potential of your little ones, who are the heart and compass of everything they do and everything they create.

“At Nudnik, we are: Creative. Adventurous. Connected.”

Nudnik is redefining the concept of “new.” This means they’re eager to challenge the harmful effects of fast fashion, and to examine sustainability from every angle, and beyond.

All of their products are made fairly and ethically in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where they select fabrics by hand that were originally headed for the landfill, and turn them into bright modern garments.

The vibrant colours and designs are informed by the latest research in child development. And they collaborate with local artists to create original prints that are sure to instill a sense of delight and wonder.

Your little ones are brave new explorers! Nudnik is here to assist them by injecting curiosity, play, and imagination along the way.

AND… ( no I am not done yet. come on, you knows me)…because not only are all the above beautiful deets are well…beautiful, all of what Nudnik does is done with:


At Nudnik, they’re guided by a spirit of adventure and curiosity, and always seek to:

Make unisex children’s clothing and accessories about the little ones.

Foster a sense of imagination and play – in everything we do and everything we create.

Be more conscious, compassionate, and conscientious.

Challenge norms and conventions.

Redefine the concept of “new.”

Reimagine sustainability.

Slow fashion down.

Envision a better way.

It can’t get any better than that. Oh but it does:

At Nudnik, they believe strongly in responsible manufacturing and consumerism. It is their hope that our future generations will thrive in a better world, and because of this, they’re strong advocates of giving back.

That’s why they’ve joined the socially and environmentally conscious alliance, 1% for the Planet. They donate 1% of their sales annually to non-profits who focus on sustainability and are making a difference in our local community.

Ok, now I’m done. You still love me, right? Even though I have dribbled on and on. I couldn’t help it and now you know why and I know you totally agree. So deserving of a long Skip of the Day…YEP, that’s what I thought.

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