Olive + Splash = Partytime

I love how we find our dear designers. It’s like going through a treasure box. I take each one, roll it around my mouth like a soft caramel.

I have not said caramel in a looooong time and you know how me likes me caramel.

Before Janet and I even launched and we poured through the internet searching for those ethical gold nuggets, we were hard pressed to find very many and now months later, it’s like an explosion of ethical kids fun on all levels. Be it fashion, toys, home decor, or products. These be serious designers and sometimes I have a hard time choosing. So many great people doing great things, so little time. I rush to get them out to you. But today’s selection seriously jumped out at me in a big way. These lovelies just started following us on our instagram – thank you! – yes, go there, oodles of ethical kid joy –  and then I got more and more excited as I discovered who they were, finding treasure upon treasure within their house, I knew this was the designer of the day.

Search over.

Olive + Splash is a collection of children’s clothing that reflects the fashion forward spirit of the young and well suited.

Their clothing and materials are ethically sourced and manufactured by people they trust and environments they support.

The style of the clothing is equally important to the talented creators of Olive + Splash as it’s function and practicality.

They have created a quality, comfortable line that will survive countless washes, wears and generations to come.

They offer a variety of internationally designed styles that will complement any little party charmer including an exclusive selection of ultra soft eco-friendly bamboo apparel, proudly made in Canada.

Let’s talk about bamboo, because no it just isn’t just the main diet of a panda and we are so glad about that.

Organic cotton is one thing and don’t get me wrong, we LOVE organic cotton.


But why is Bamboo so amazing?

Bamboo is a powerhouse when protecting the planets resources, it has built in temperature controls to keep you warm in the cold and cooler in the heat.

It’s a breathable material that does not contain harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic with a similar feel to silk.

It’s proven to have a 99.98% antibacterial rate, which keeps the material odourless and just as important, it is UV resistant. Each bamboo product is stamped eco-friendly.

Why do we love Olive + Splash even more? Well besides the name? Come on. Isn’t it a tickle? Yea it is!

This Canadian-made company is proud to support the David Suzuki Foundation who work to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada.

With every Olive + Splash special edition piece, you too are supporting the movement.

BOOM! Totes treasure. Mwah.





2 thoughts on “Olive + Splash = Partytime

  1. Matthew says:

    We love this company! There is so much to choose from and it gets better with each season. The cashmere feeling clothes are super luxurious and the softness is out of this world!

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