Organic Children’s Bedding That Inspires Magical Sleep

organic children's bedding

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for a story. All stories, but mostly enchanted stories. My childhood was drenched in Hans Christian Anderson and Grimms, so the tween didn’t stand a chance when she was young as I created a world of fairies, trolls and other mythical creatures that lived in and around our house. Daisy chains around the trees, little notes professing undying love and friendship, and the treasured gifts left for each other. I have memories of her sweet earnest face pressed to the window in hopes of catching a glimpse of her little friends, hanging over my shoulder as we wrote to a naughty troll, and tearing down the stairs to see if they had left a present on the doorstep. I don’t dare ask, but even though her world is a kaleidoscope of all things tweendom, I can only hope she believes in the enchantment of her childhood forever, as I do mine.

So you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered Forivorland. A land where magical story telling bedding not only inspires magical sleep, but encourages children to explore the natural world around them. Wrap your own sweet littles in this magical bedding and let the mythical creatures of an enchanted forest inspire their own imaginative storytelling.

Forivor and their organic bedding and nightwear was established in 2014 by Rebecca Monserat and Alice Ross both based in Hackney, London. Named after Rebecca’s father Ivor, the concept for the brand came after Rebecca was writing a short story for her goddaughter, while also trying – and failing – to find exciting organic bedding.

The idea came in that strange moment between being awake and falling asleep.

Rebecca, inspired by her work with British designer Katharine Hamnett and the Environmental Justice Foundation wanted to create a beautiful, ethical and sustainable product. Alice, illustrator and Project Coordinator at the British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery was excited about bringing her distinctive illustrations to this original concept.

Forivor’s bedding features a unique hand-drawn illustration on each side. One side depicts a British woodland where wildlife hides in the undergrowth and up in the branches of the trees. Turning over the duvet reveals a transformed nighttime world. A place of wonder, where glowworms light up the enchanted forest and fantastical creatures play in secret burrows underground.

Forivor’s duvets and blankets are presented in an organic cotton Forivor suitcase, and drawing on the popularity of collectable cards, come accompanied by a set of character cards to inspire storytelling and magical sleep. The cards provide interesting and memorable facts about wildlife on one side, encouraging children to explore and understand the world around them. The other side introduces the transformed creatures of Forivorland, their secrets and magic powers. Storytelling cues and questions encourage children to create their own bedtime tales.

Oh dear, my cup runneth over and I’m out of caramels.

“With Forivor’s bedding children can learn fascinating facts about British wildlife, such as how a mole can dig 540 times their own bodyweight in a day. In Forivorland they will discover King Mole’s magic power to sniff out treasure and imagine where they would hide their own treasure in the underground burrows. This combination of fact and fiction we hope will inspire parents and children to become passionate about protecting nature while encouraging inventive storytelling. We want to nurture a generation of imaginative storytellers who are invested in the future of the planet.”  ~ Alice Ross, Director, Forivor

Forivor’s organic bedding is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards in India. The cotton is rain-fed and grown without the use of toxic pesticides – reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment for the people and wildlife dependent on it.

When Forivor places their order, the cotton is made into fabric especially for them. It is then printed, cut and sewn all by people who are paid a fair wage to ensure a sustainable livelihood for them and their families. Once the production is finished the duvets and blankets are sent by sea freight to reduce carbon emissions.

Their character cards are printed in Oxford by an award-winning and innovative environmental printer.

A percentage of profits from our Enchanted Forest Collection is donated in support of The Wildlife Trusts.

“At the heart of Forivor’s philosophy, is a commitment to supporting and inspiring the protection of our natural world and all the wildlife that belongs to it, whilst providing an opportunity to learn and explore our imaginations. As part of this philosophy we ensure that all of Forivor’s products are ethically and sustainably produced and are designed to last. Most people remember their first duvet with fondness and we hope your Forivor bedding will become a long-lasting family heirloom, whose magic is passed from one generation to the next, hopefully taking stories that have been told with it”  

~ Rebecca Attwood, Director, Forivor







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