Petite Soul

Who they are:

Handcrafters. Entrepreneurs. Storytellers. Dreamers. Ethical and Sustainable.

What they do:

Petite Soul is a baby and toddler accessory brand owned and operated by two NYC mamas who believe the bonnet should be the staple of the modern child’s wardrobe.

Inspired by their own childhood bonnets and using vintage fabric and an old Kenmore, they made their first bonnet. Blown away by the response from customers all over the world, thus was the beginning of a very special entrepreneurship. They combine simple shapes and versatile color palettes on high-quality fabrics, and their playful prints capture the whimsy of childhood.

Petite Soul is proud to be manufactured ethically in the USA from concept to completion.

Every item in their collection compliments their bonnets and is just as sweet. So if the bonnets aren’t enough cuteness for you,  check out the cozy scarves and blankets. Oh yeah, you will.

Why we love them:

Ethical? Vintage? Traditions? Stories? Need we say more?

Find them:

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