Petits Genoux

Who they are:

Handcrafters. Ethical and sustainable. Environmentally responsible. Dreamers. Entrepreneurs.

What they do:

Petits Genoux is a line of heirloom baby garments, made with love in Toronto, Canada. Launched in the Fall of 2016, the vision was plain and simple – and that was the point. Founders Amanda Blakley and Kendra Francis met during drop-off and pick-up’s at their son’s nursery school and discovered they shared a mutual design aesthetic (among other things).

Inspired by the simple clothing of their our own early years (before fast fashion) and that of their ancestors, they set about raiding the archives of friends and relatives to uncover photographs of the beautiful silhouettes that made up the wardrobes of babies for generations before them.

Using these as a starting point in their design process, they were thrilled with the outcome. A perfect marriage of old-fashioned sensibility with contemporary updates. All hand-crafted to meet the demands of their modern day customers.

Old-fashioned Silhouettes for Modern Day Kin

Why we love them:

Classic. Heirloom. Tradition. Simple. Handcrafted with love. Bloomers. All things we love!

Find them:

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