The Real Reasons Why We LOVE Tea Collection

Love Tea Collection

After all the posts that we have shown our love for Tea Collection, I realize that we haven’t truly given you guys the real goods. The real reason for the love we shower upon them. The real reason for the multiple caramel wrappers that have littered the floor around my feet as I write about yummy treasures of adventurous clothing for your kidlets. Deep breath, because this is THE real reason we created SKIP. The GIVING BACK reason. The MAKING CONNECTIONS reason. The INSPIRATION reason.

I understand that this may be the first time you are hearing about these lovely peeps, so let me bring you up to speed.

We are feeling so loved by your visit and hope you enjoy this post. As an affiliate with this company, we may receive compensation for sales made through these links and/or product reviews. But there is no twisting of arms. These are our honest opinions. We are ever so grateful for your support, which allows us to scour the world for the next big skip!

As adventurers themselves, twice a year, the Tea designers visit distant and not so distant lands in search of inspiration for their children’s clothing collection. They discover new places and faces, time-honored traditions and handmade creations. And then they bring the world home and translate it into a twirly floral dress, a vibrant graphic tee, or a sweet baby romper to name a few sweet delights.

“As we travel, both around the world and across the street,
we keep our eyes—and our hearts—wide open.

We know there is more to every culture than beloved landmarks
and beautiful handicrafts. There is also need. There is vulnerability.
So wherever we are, we strive to be mindful and responsible.

We want to make real connections—
and a real difference.”

Tea began with three pima cotton baby sweaters and a dream of global connection. In 2002, Emily Meyer and Leigh Radon embarked on an adventure to build not just a timeliness collection of children’s clothing, but a company that would last. Many years later, their team is global, reaching out to the world from their home base in San Fransisco, California.

“We make clothes for all of life’s adventures, big and small—the kind of clothes kids love to wear (and wear and wear).

Our styles are original and inventive yet fun and approachable.

They are colorful and bold, playful and wearable,relevant and real and always exuberantly, unmistakably Tea.”

They are always inspired by the little citizens who wear their clothes. Giving is the core of their mission to be good global citizens. That means supporting children who make a difference – whether it’s helping a neighbour, volunteering, or making sure no one sits alone at lunch.

In August, Tea asked the Tea community to share with them kind, compassionate kids who showed acts of kindness big and small. And boy! were they blown away with some truly amazing little citizens  After over 100 nominations, it was tough to choose, but here be the five Inspiring Little Citizens finalists.

Meet Lillian, Cash, Lilyanne, Bridger and Savannah.

From painting and delivering 150 pictures to a local nursing home, to collecting pop tabs to help support the medical programs provided to families by the Ronald McDonald House, these kiddos are changing lives for the better.

Thanks to the Tea community and to Tea who donated 5% of sales, over $37,000 was donated to these five amazing kids and the causes that they support. They each now have $7,451.65 to make an even bigger difference.

And the giving continues. Since 2003, Tea has partnered with The Global Fund For Children in order to donate nearly 500K to local grassroots organizations who advance the dignity of children and young people around the world.

Mouth full of caramel, I’m spent. It is clear, that Emily and Leigh are incredibly passionate and inspired by all around them, and it is clear to me and now you how inspiring they are to the world. Caramel love.







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