Roots & Wings | Merino Wool That Give Kids Roots to Grow And Wings To Fly

You knew it wouldn’t last. This silence…about two of my favourite things: all things Danish and all things merino wool. I don’t know about where you live, but here in my beautiful Okanagan valley there be feet of snow. It be deep and it be cold, so it’s a no brainer for me to go to merino wool bliss that I have mentioned, oh so many times before.


Now living in New Zealand, Danish born Stine Smith created Roots & Wings where the purest New Zealand Merino meets simple Danish design and offers luxurious yet easy-care garments for babies & young children.

All made from the highest quality Merino, sourced organically. Where the sheep are treated with kindness (that’s right, no mulesing going on here, dear ones) and each adorable outfit is handmade with love by skilled New Zealand artisans.

Come on! Let’s check it off. My cherished merino wool. My love for all things Danish. My even bigger love of ethically made. Don’t even get me started with sheep roaming free, doing what sheep do, thinking sheepy thoughts and enjoying their life in paradise. Elsker det hele (love it all).

At Roots & Wings, they love knowing there is a pure story behind their kid’s clothes. They also love knowing that while their (and your) kids are wearing merino from Roots & Wings, they can be outside, exploring nature in well-designed, high quality clothing, all while staying warm and dry. With Roots & Wings it’s easy peasy to give your kids roots to grow and wings to fly. See me, hand to chin with a dreamy sigh.




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