SKIP Be/Tween | A Sneak Peek That will Knock Your Socks Off!

It’s been a crazy time at SKIP HQ. A good kind of crazy. It’s launch time oh so soon. Completely excited as we had our photo shoot with the amazing Cassandra at Candid Apple Photography, featuring equally amazing girls who modelled some of Janet’s sweet creations; which ended with an unexpected, but admittedly spectacular thunder and lightning storm. But then that is so how we roll.

And the fun times haven’t stopped. Portia’s dear hubby created the SKIP Photo lab, because that is what this dear man does for a living…the painting with light…that is. Thanks honey! Product shots here we come!

Tweens. Teens. You are one of the biggest reasons why we created SKIP, so that we could create comfy, on trend and fashion forward designs just for you. Ethically made in beautiful Kelowna, BC Canada. We care about your future world, so we want to make it easy for you to shop sustainably; which means we make it easy for you to make better choices.

Tweens: Stuck between a girl and a teen. Teens: Stuck between a tween and a woman. We know who you are. We have two teens of our own. We get it. You want to be in charge. And oh how we want you to:


You are going to rock this world! But finding yourself is sometimes daunting, sometimes confusing, so that is why we created this exciting clothing line with little inspirations given along the way. So you can feel confident, comfortable, and most importantly feel that you can BE YOU!

Can’t wait to skip with you!










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