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S/S 18 kids fashion

As you know, we love following the gang at Tea Collection, as they travel the globe twice a year searching for inspiration for their amazing collections. So excited about the Spring/Summer18 Collection, because they are staying close to home as they discover the world outside their own door. The glorious USA.

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Where they are getting to know their neighbours across the country, celebrating the creative spirit that unites us all and you will taste the cultural tastes from first nations and immigrants from all corners of the globe.

Check out these visuals and immerse yourself in the diversity as we cross this vast country. Where you will discover bluegrass, beaches, redwood forests, and big open skies.

For this jaw dropping collection, it’s a cultural behemoth, that includes southern states, where sunshine rules!, Where the Cuban and French Creole communities infuse these regions with character.

They then reach to the West where we enjoy the rush of the surf of coastal California and scream “aloha” from the islands of Hawaii.

Oh, oh! and then! One of my favourites! The Southwest. Home to long stretched desert landscapes and indigenous cultures who have navigated these lands for centuries. Yep. LOVE IT ALL!  It’s a SKIP celebration of the “United Us”.

Visit this SKIP of the Day here: Tea Collection







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