Teaching Your Kids How To Give Back #thebetterway

As you know, the tween was born in Nicaragua. A beautiful, yet ravaged country. The poorest country in Central America. The second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, following Haiti. Never rich in the first place, the people of Nicaragua still struggle to overcome extreme poverty caused by corruption, political instability, civil war,  never-ending natural disasters, and lack of education. They can’t get a break and it’s hard to catch my breath when I think of the despair.

From the minute we adopted her as a baby, the tween has been saturated in all things Nicaragua. We keep her birthplace very close to our hearts. She knows about my experiences with “giving back”, and witnesses every day how with SKIP, I try to make change in the world.

Tweens. You know the age. Full of contradictions. Pushing you away one minute, then screaming “don’t leave me” in the next. No interest in parental opinion when they have the peer brain trusts to base their decisions on. When you add their suspicion of any adult agenda…well, you may agree it’s a recipe for pretty painful discord. I will save my tween the embarrassment by not sharing a few head banging on wall (yes, my head) moments. Fodder for future blogs and certainly stories for her wedding day. Because this is really about my love for Nicaragua and my love for art & eden. A love that the tween shares. Because, even though there have been those head banging on wall moments, there have also been sweet moments as she figures out her place in the world, how she realizes that her behaviour matters, and how she too can make change.

There was a huge amount of excitement when we received the art & eden box containing an outfit from their Fall/Winter Collection. As with the favourite summer dress, I was impressed with the weight of the material, the quality of the workmanship and of course the unique details that set this collection apart. Pure delight! It was an outfit that was quickly labelled dab worthy. But excitement turned to curiosity as the tween eyed the informative tags attached to each piece of clothing.


Curiosity turned into a barrage of questions. I explained to her all the reasons why I love Susan Correa, her art & eden team and certainly #thebetterway to conduct business.

The list of reasons why I love this giving back company is long and I have featured some of them in our Giving Back Series. But this bit of love is about Nicaragua and about providing sustenance for children in need all over the world. This is about Global Impact.

 Clothes For Cure Campaign

“The Clothes For Cure Campaign is a program that sends a portion from the sale of each garment to support a nutrition optimization program in Central America. This program is managed by HOPE worldwide community service brigade, and brings desperately needed anti-parasitic medicine as well as important nutritional multivitamins to thousands of children every year.

This essential medicine, Albendazole, coupled with multi-vitamin supplements combats the ill effects of a severely nutrient deficient diet, and helps to ensure the hope of normal, healthy growth and development.

Through the administration of Albendazole, as well as multivitamins, children will be free from parasites. Without parasite infestation, their bodies are able to utilize the nutrition coming from not only the food they eat, but also these important vitamin supplements. The benefits of improved nutrition allow for optimal growth, thus helping each child achieve their true potential height. The brain’s physical development is also supported, aiding in emotional and mental growth.”

After a thoughtful moment of digesting all this information, “Hey mom? Even when I grow out of art & eden clothes, can we still buy them, so we can help those kids forever?” And the tween was off at a sprint to try on her new favourite outfit. Truly one of those sweet moments that supersede all those previously mentioned head banging on wall moments. I’ll take it.












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