The Goodness of Merino Wool for the Change in Seasons

merino wool

You can feel it. The mornings are a little cooler. There’s a brush of dew covering the grass. It be the “Change in the Seasons”. And because we don’t want you to be caught unawares by it all, and certainly because you want your littles to be cozied up for it all, we are giving you once again…merino wool.

Chasing Windmills was launched in 2015, with a simple goal in mind: to capture the adventurous spirit of childhood through the natural goodness of merino wool.

After many years in the the corporate world, Sarah and JP, the cofounders of Chasing Windmills received a wake-up call with the birth of their twins.

Springing from a deep appreciation of the outdoors, they longed to create a bridge for parents to share the goodness of nature with their little ones — to be able to soak in the adventurous spirit of childhood everyday. Their soft yet whimsical designs and color palette are also meant to outlast the seasons, as well as the years. By not designing and redesigning a nursery collection for every season, they respect nature’s resources.

“We are makers of merino wool children’s wear.  But our vision does not end there.  We will never be content merely to produce a good for consumption.

 We succeed when we capture the adventurous spirit of childhood through the natural goodness of merino wool.

At its core, Chasing Windmills is for those who chase the impossible dream.  

For those who embrace idealism in the face of cynicism.  

For those who understand that small acts, done with great love, sustain a beautiful world.

For those who feel compelled to live the life they love.  

For those who believe that a conscious company must care for, not just its profits, but the lives it touches and the environment it graces.

And so, Chasing Windmills exists.  It is the embodiment of hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  

For us to achieve our vision, Chasing Windmills must live by its values and prove profitability.  Profits, however, are not the ends, but rather the means by which Chasing Windmills may share its vision and, in turn, inspire its supporters to pursue virtue, meaning, and happiness in their own lives.

Above all, Chasing Windmills will always be dedicated to the adventurous idealist.”

~ Sarah and JP – co-founders 

Mindful of their eco-footprint, Sarah and JP have purchased carbon offsets to ensure that renewable energy projects and methane-capture projects offset their environmental impact. Chasing Windmills was born out of respect for Mother Nature’s goodness, and their commitment to carbon neutrality naturally follows.

By sourcing the finest merino wool from mountainous New Zealand and Australian ranches, Chasing Windmills allows Mother Nature to provide the soulful base of everything they create. The merino wool used in their collection is naturally super soft, breathable, and lightweight — truly an ideal fabric for little ones all year round, but especially as the seasons change.











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