Thimble Collection | It’s a Handcrafted Watercolour Spring Explosion

I don’t know why I waited this long. Really, truly, I have been wanting to feature Thimble Collection and their unique mama maker business model for many a day. But when I saw the spring launch! Oh my! I just had to pounce! I was inspired. Not only by the beautiful watercolours, the gorgeous prints and stunning florals, but by the mother/daughter team that created the opportunity for parents to earn an income without sacrificing time home with their families.

Meet Rachel and Patti, the creative geniuses behind this one-of-a-kind-no-factory-no-way business. They are passionate about creating jobs that enable parents to spend more time with their family and feel it’s important to know the people behind their products. Hand up! Me too! You bet I do!

Thimble is proudly made in the USA, by moms and grandmoms, who are experienced seamstresses working from home to ensure heirloom-quality craftsmanship and love goes into each piece of adorableness. Their design is simple and playful with fabrics that are beautiful, soft and high-quality. These talented peeps search for colors and patterns that we’d want for ourselves, but that are oh-so-perfect for our kids. The styles and silhouettes have a perfect blend of whimsy and a strong dose of practicality.

What makes this collection so perfect is that it speaks to a spring that is sure to bust out soon – oh please, let it be soon – but it also offers up transitional pieces to savour as we wait for the weather to catch up. Pure genius.


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