Timber Child | An Adorable Fiesta Styled Product Review

What do you get when you cross an adorable baby with yummy mexican food and a 100% natural, non toxic plate, that is say WHAT!? Shaped like a cactus. Well, of course it equals to oodles of fiesta fun.

Now, I’ve already featured this amazing husband and wife team who created Timber Child in a previous post, but when I received my very own “plate like” tray, and felt the buttery smoothness of the wood, I just had to to take it, invite my favourite baby and do some fine dining, because that’s what you do when you receive such a treasure!

And because it’s shaped like a cactus…vamonos! Watch me sprint to my FAVOURITE Mexican restaurant EVER! Me and this sweet man needs our guacamole and a huge latin themed feast!

But, before we dive into some chimichangas, you need some reminding about WHY I love Timber Child ever so much. Born of a desire to create for their family a toxic free environment by respecting nature and their surroundings, Kisha and James were compelled to not just create products for their family, but offer them to the world and we are so glad that they did.

All their plates and lifestyle products are made from sustainable Canadian Maple Wood, have been made without glue, PVC, melamine, mineral oil or toxic finishes, and are cured in food grade organic Hemp seed Oil and Okanagan Beeswax.

By creating these natural lifestyle products, it has also been their way of doing their part to reduce waste. And since embarking on this beautiful journey, they have noticed the increasing number of like-minded parents, locally and globally that are in search of the same things and lifestyle that they strive to embrace.

Ok, ok, I know you are screaming for it. Photos of adorable baby with the equally adorable Timber Child plate and yes, there be will be churros.




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